Which is the Best Lotion to Use After Tanning

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Best Lotion to Use After Tanning

Getting an indoor tan is quite an involved process but can achieve quite dazzling results if you take care of yourself.

Sunbed tanning is about encouraging your skin to produce a pigment called melanin. Melanin is the body’s first defense against damage from the sun, which is why people who live in hotter places of the world are darker skinned while those who live in colder climates have lighter skin. We need to protect our skin so it can protect us. This is why you need to apply after tanning bed lotion as well as the creams to enhance your tan on the sunbed.


Lotions for Indoor Tanning


When you go outside for a suntan you are always told to use sunscreen to protect against skin cancers. Much of the risks associated with skin cancers come from UV B rays, and sun creams are designed to block these out while allowing UV A rays through that in turn support the production of Vitamin D and other important chemicals our bodies need that can only be made through exposure to light.


Indoor tanning lotions are about encouraging UV A rays to hit our skin and to promote the production of melanin in our skin. Melanin is that pigment that makes our skin a lustrous brown and enables us to look as if we had just popped to Barbados for two weeks on the beach.


Before you go to use an indoor tanning salon you should apply either an accelerator or tingle cream around 30 minutes prior to the sunbed session. Accelerators are special creams to prepare the skin for the ultraviolet rays that will hit the skin, and are designed to give you a base tan. You should use them for the first 3-4 sessions before moving onto tingle creams and bronzers.


Tingle creams and bronzers are designed to encourage the production of melanin in the skin. Tingle creams encourage blood flow near the surface of the skin and give you a tingling sensation while making your skin a little red. After the sunbed session you will be a little red for a few hours and then the skin will calm and go several shades darker than should you simply have laid on the sunbed without treatment. Bronzers meanwhile have special chemicals in them that encourage the production of even more melanin and make you go a lot darker than the tingle creams in their own right. Many creams such as the Australian Gold range are both bronzers and tingle creams.


Best Lotion to Use After Tanning


After your tanning session you need to take special care of your skin to prevent dry spots forming, and keep the skin fresh and elastic. Dry spots can be unsightly and dull the lustre of your new tan. After tanning bed lotions moisturize your skin and help your tan improve over the few days between sunbed sessions. The after tanning bed lotions on the market today also contain anti-aging products that help fight the production of wrinkles that can appear from too much exposure to the sun or UV rays in a sunlamp and from the sunshine.


Your skin is one of the most important organs on your body. It does a lot to protect you from the harshness of daily life and while making it look attractive using products to darken it, you should take extra care to protect it using after tanning bed lotions. If you look after the very thing that gives you your gorgeous appearance then it should pay you back by helping it look, feel and be as healthy as the rest of you.  


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